Frequently asked questions

Where is your honey from?

All our honey is harvested in various locations across Australia. We have a great team of family run apiaries that help us bring you the best quality honey we can.

What is TA rating?

Total Activity (TA) is the combination of Peroxide Activity (PA) and Non-Peroxide Activity (NPA). Simply put, the higher the TA rating of a honey, the higher the anti-microbial strength it contains and the more potent the health benefits.

How do I store my honey?

Honey storage is super easy! Did you know that the temperature of bee hives can range from 33 - 36 degrees Celcius? Therefore, storing honey at room temperature (even in Singapore) is absolutely no problem.

What do I eat my honeycomb with?

You can enjoy your honeycomb in many different ways! On toast, in cereal, with cheese or even in your yogurt! We would reccomend not to mix honeycomb into your drinks as the bees wax does not completely disolve in water.

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